Abbots Langley Cricket Club News story

Chairman's Newsletter

04 Dec 2023

Dear Members,


I thought it would be prudent to provide a summary of the report delivered at the Club AGM sharing with those that were not in attendance plus additional intentions and plans based on

Congratulations to all the incumbent officers on their re-election.


The year was very positive with positivity on and off the field- with a strong bank balance, two promotions and a healthy expanding junior section.

After many years of planning and obtaining funding through various resources including crowdfunding – we have our new nets which were fully utilised 7 days a week during the Summer.

Ball sponsorship this year was healthy – many thanks to John Sweedy, Jane Lay, Jerry Graves, and Phil Hobbs for their support. Bar revenue is very strong, but it is wise long term to not have one’s eggs in one basket.

The one big change in personnel next year is the groundsman. Thank you, Martin, for maintaining the square during the past 14 years. Three of senior players have stepped forward to job share- thank you Nick, Jack, and Matt. I think you have reduced the average age of groundsmen in the County to 68!

The club kit next year will be changing after been supplied by Big Dogg to Gray Nicholls which will be going live very soon online. – Thank you to Michael Burgess for getting the club shop set up.

First time in many years we will be in Div 1 next year, hopefully the team will thrive in this new League and an opportunity to kick on.

Next year we will have a minimum of 8 junior teams and up to 10 junior teams reflecting the progress. This will be dependent on the number of managers/coaches and ongoing active recruitment. Plans have started to be activated with some new initiatives. The plans will be shared with all coaches this month and filtered down to all parents early in the new year.

We are at a water shed moment where we can maximise our potential or meander on - as per my misquote at the AGM – ‘we must try harder’ – meaning we must continue progressing in as a smart way as possible with the resources we have – including the Junior and All Star/Dynamos parents – up to 300 or so which is a great source of feedback and ideas.

Wishing you and your families a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.


From the Chair.