Local tradesmen and farm workers began to play cricket under the banner of Abbots Langley Cricket Club around 1844, although these matches were ad hoc events played on any suitable local field.

By 1855, Abbots Langley had become an established and organised cricket club with matches being played on a formal basis and reported in detail in the local press. During the 1870s the club flourished through the patronage of Mr. W. H. Smith, a wealthly local businessman. He encouraged the club and allowed games to be played within the grounds of his Cecil Lodge estate.

The club continued to prosper during the late 19th century through the kind support of successive owners of the Manor House, upon whose ground the club continues to play to this day. Sadly the Manor House fell into disrepair and was demolished during the mid 1950s. At the same time, however, fortunes on the pitch were a different story, the first XI featuring five county players and enjoying much success.

In 1976, fire destroyed the club's pavilion and more than one hundred years of memorabilia. With the support of the local Parish Council, in 1990 Abbots Langley Cricket Club moved into its current home.

Be you a player, spectator or official - Abbots Langley Cricket Club welcomes you to the Manor House Grounds and invites you to enjoy and continue the tradition of over 150 years of cricket with us.