Club Rules

Updated 2022

1. The Club shall be called the “ABBOTS LANGLEY CRICKET CLUB” The Club shall be affiliated to such organisations and associations deemed appropriate by the Management Committee. The Club shall be a non-profit making body and any surplus shall be used for the benefit of members and not distributed. The colours of the Club shall be Green and Gold.

2. The Abbots Langley Cricket Club welcomes applications for membership from any person irrespective of race, religion, or creed, promotes and supports Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and has adopted the principles of the ECB Anti-Discrimination Code 2021 . Adopting all relevant points in the link below • :

3. As continuance of having achieved “CLUBMARK” status the Club a) will promote itself and cricket within the community b) Will ensure a duty of care to all members of the Club, including Junior Members with the “Child Protection Policy” and E.C.B. “Safe Hands” Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy and the Anti-discrimination Policy. Copies shall be available on request, on the Club notice board and published on the Club Website.

4.The Honorary Officers of the Club shall comprise the Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Club Captain, Social Secretary, Cricket Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, Bar Secretary, Membership Secretary, Webmaster, Communications Officer, Safeguarding Officer, Fundraising Officer & Junior Development Officer. All officers can have Assistants appointed by the Committee. Assistants may deputise for the Officer at Committee.

5.The Officers of the Club. i) These shall be elected at the Club AGM. Captains and Vice Captains to be proposed and elected by current playing members, Junior Cricket Playing Members that have played in eight senior matches and Club Umpires. At the first meeting of the Management Committee after the AGM, a Vice-Chairman shall be elected from those constituting the Management Committee to act as Chairman in his/her absence. ii) Nominations for all Officers of the Club and Captains and Vice-captains shall be invited from September 15th until 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. No nominations shall be received after this date. In the event of (a) no nominations for Officers of the Club and Captains and Vice-captains or (b) insufficient nominations for the Management Committee, being received by the Secretary for a post, nominations may be made at the Annual General Meeting and any election necessary will then take place. The Women’s Captain will be elected by the Women’s team members.

6. The overall affairs of the Club shall be managed by a committee with the more specific affairs of the Club being run by the relevant sub committees – Cricket, Social, Junior, Bar and Selection Committees. i) The Management Committee shall comprise the Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Club Captain, Cricket Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, Membership Secretary, Bar Secretary, Social Secretary, Safeguarding Officer, Communications Officer, Fundraising Officer, Junior Development Officer and Web Master and one representative from each of the Affiliated Sections and up to four elected members. They shall have the power to fill vacancies and to co-opt two members. There shall be five members to form a quorum. The Management Committee may remove an elected committee member from his/her position on the committee if the person concerned: has missed three consecutive meetings or has missed any four of six consecutive meetings without the acceptance of the committee. Sub committees of the Club shall meet at monthly intervals and report to the Management Committee. The Club Chairman is to be an ex-officio member of all subcommittees. All sub-committees shall have the power to co-opt members for special purposes.

7. The Captains shall be strictly obeyed and any Member misconducting them self shall be reported to the Cricket Committee who shall have power to take any action deemed necessary. The game of cricket shall be played strictly in accordance with the current Laws of Cricket and also within the “Spirit of Cricket”.

8. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held on or before December 31st of each year for the purpose of electing a President, Officers and Committees for the ensuing year, receiving the audited accounts up to September 30th and transacting General Business. The quorum for such a meeting shall be one half of all fully paid-up club members. Notice of such meeting shall be sent to each member 7 clear days prior to such meeting. Only Honorary Life Members, Honorary Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents and Full Club Members not disqualified under the rules shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings. The Secretary upon written request of not less than ten Members shall convene a Special General Meeting. The quorum for such a meeting shall be one half of all fully paid up club members. Members shall have 7 clear days written notice of the meeting and of the matter to be discussed. In the event of a General Meeting being inquorate, the Management Committee shall have the power to ratify any decisions made, or not, as deemed fit.

9. An Auditor, who shall not be a member of the committee, shall be appointed to examine the accounts of the Club at the end of each financial year.

10. New members The club promotes the principles of an open membership in line with clause 2 of the constitution. ‘Membership of the club hall be open to anyone interested in sport on application regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs, except as a necessary consequence of the requirements of cricket.'

11. Notification of Membership – the Membership Secretary shall notify the same to the Member, furnish the Member with a copy of the Rules and Regulations and with a Membership Card. Member’s names and addresses will be kept securely maintained for Club purposes only and will not be divulged to any outside body as laid down under the Data Protection Act.

12. Honorary Life Members – The Committee shall have such powers vested in them to consider recommendations for Honorary Life Membership, the nomination duly proposed and seconded by fully paid members of the Club and on acceptance by the Management Committee, will submit that nomination to the Annual General Meeting for ratification. The said member shall enjoy full voting rights and privileges of the Club without subscription. On the demise of the said Honorary Life Member, the partner / spouse shall have the option of having the Honorary Life Membership transferred. This life membership to be recorded in the annual fixture card and recorded on the club website but will not appear on the Honorary Life Membership Honours Board. A proposer can request guidance on the qualifications required for consideration for life membership.

13. Honorary Life Vice Presidents – The Management Committee shall have such powers vested in them to consider recommendations for Honorary Life Vice President, the nomination duly proposed and seconded by fully paid up Members of the Club and on acceptance of the Management Committee. This honour is to be bestowed on non-members who have performed exceptional good works for the Abbots Langley Cricket Club. The said Member shall enjoy full voting rights and privileges of the Club without subscription, and will be recorded in the annual fixture card and on the club website.

14. Members of the Club at a general meeting shall elect the President of the Club. There shall be no limitation of the duration of tenure of the office.

15. The Chairman shall chair the Management Committee meetings and have the right to exercise an additional vote in the case of any poll resulting in a tie at any meeting of the Club.

16. The General Secretary shall be the proper officer for the receipt of notices and conduct of correspondence concerning the Club and shall keep minutes of general and Management Committee meetings

17. The Treasurer shall maintain a record of the Club’s financial transactions; receive and disburse funds; and prepare a financial statement and present it to the Annual General Meeting.

18.Vice-Presidents Those wishing to support the Club may become a Vice-President upon payment of the appropriate fee determined by the general meeting.

19. Annual Subscriptions – i) Subscriptions shall be agreed from time to time by the Management Committee and ratified at the Annual General Meeting. Subscriptions for Vice President, Full Club Members and Students shall be due on the 1st October of each year. If no payment is received before 31st May it will be deemed that the member wishes to resign. ii) Subscriptions by Affiliated Sections are due on the 1st October of each year. A Member playing in the winter months is due before 1st January, and a Member playing in summer months before 31st May of each year. iii) Subscriptions for Coaches’/Management Committee Members’ Children. Members of the Management Committee or Trained Coaches who either a) run an age group or the girls’ section or b) are named assistants in the fixture card for an age group, who have children as under 15 or within a lower age group and who take part in coaching and/or matches will pay £1.00 per child under that age. This payment will entitle the child to membership as a Junior playing member.

20. Affiliated Sections All members of Affiliated Sections playing under the name of “Abbots Langley Cricket Club” shall be required to pay the Affiliated Membership fee to the Treasurer of the Abbots Langley Cricket Club as stated in Rule 22(ii) and shall have no voting rights.

21. Junior Cricket Playing Members under the age of 18 years shall pay subscriptions, match fees and all other charges whatsoever nature agreed by the Management Committee and ratified at the AGM. Parents/Guardians of Junior Cricket Playing Members are required to be Full Club Members or Affiliated Members of the Abbots Langley Cricket Club.

22. Abbots Youth Football Club shall be associated to the Abbots Langley Cricket Club. The parents/guardians of junior football playing members will hold Full Club Membership or Affiliated membership of the Abbots Langley Cricket Club payable as Rule 13 (ii). They shall play under the name of “Abbots Youth Football Club”.

23.Cessation of Membership – Any Member intending to resign from the Club shall write to the General Secretary to that effect. Any Member whose subscription is unpaid as stated in Rule 22(i) of each year shall be debarred from using the Club facilities, attending, and voting, at any meetings of the Club whilst their subscription is in arrears. In the event that a member’s subscription is in arrears after 31st May they shall cease to be a member of the Club and be required to apply for reelection. Notice of non-payment shall be sent to each member who is in arrears. Any Member who has ceased to belong to the Club by resignation or otherwise, shall have no claim upon, or be entitled to participate in any part or section of the Club, or have any part of his Subscription returned. Similarly, no person who has been expelled or who has been rejected from membership shall be allowed to use the Club as a guest.

24. Infringement of Rules – In case the conduct of any Member shall, in the opinion of the Management Committee, be injurious to the character and interest of the Club, the Management Committee shall be empowered to expel or suspend such Member for such period as they may determine from the use and privileges of the Club, or to request such Member to resign. If the Member so requested shall not resign within 14 days, it shall be competent for the Management Committee to expel such a Member and erase his/her name from the Register of Members.

25. Admission of Guests – Members introducing guests must enter their names and addresses in the Visitors Book provided for that purpose. No guest shall remain in the Club after the Member who introduced them has left. Members shall introduce no more than twenty two guests on any one occasion. No guests to be allowed to purchase drinks. Non-members may only be signed in 5 times during any calendar year after which time they shall be invited to apply for membership as laid out in rule 10.

26. Refreshments for Guests – Non-Members are subject to licensing laws and shall only be supplied with intoxicating liquor if they are (a) Attending a function arranged by the Club at the Club’s premises; (b) Guests of a Member admitted to the Club under the Club Rule 25; (c) Visitors who are participants in or spectators at Club games or competitions; (d) 18 years of age or over; (e) The Club reserves the right in the wider interest of the membership to refuse the same of drinks at their discretion.

27. Licensing Hours – The permitted hours for the Licensed Bar shall be: - Weekdays and Saturdays: 12 noon to 11.00pm and Sundays 12 noon to 10.30pm.

28. Playing Membership – Players representing the Club in whatever sport shall be Members of the Club. The sole exception being those players who are bona fide visitors to whom the privilege of selection has been extended for a limited period.

29. Non-registered playing members – A Full Club and Affiliated Member (not declared as a playing member beforehand) can be selected to play up to 2 games of cricket in emergencies; thereafter the Playing Member’s Playing Subscription is due in full.

30. Playing Subscription – The Management Committee, who seeks the approval of any revision at the Club’s Annual General Meeting, shall review this from time to time. Playing Subscriptions shall be due, in full, by the 31st May of each year and those who have not paid by that date will be required to pay a forfeit. When the Playing Subscription has been paid this will entitle a player to be available for selection.

31. Match Fees – The Cricket Playing Membership, Students and Junior Players will, on match dates, be charged a Match Fee to cover the general expenses incurred to arrange such fixture. The Management Committee, who shall seek approval of any revision at the Annual General Meeting, shall review this from time to time.

32.The Management Committee shall have the authority to deal with any matter not within the scope of the foregoing Rules.

33. Public Liability Insurance – the Club has public liability insurance.

34.Trustees – The Management Committee shall appoint three Members as Trustees, in whose names shall be vested the Lease and other securities belonging to the Club, to be held by them without attaching any personal liability and to be dealt with by them as the Management Committee may from time to time be resolution direct. The Trustees, once appointed, shall remain Trustees until they resign as Trustees, resign or cease to be a Member of the Club, or are required by at least two thirds of those present at the Annual General Meeting to resign. In any such case a substitute Trustee shall be appointed by the Annual General Meeting, whereupon the resigning Trustee shall as soon as practicable thereafter, sign or execute the appropriate document transferring this interest to the new Trustee.

35. Code of Conduct – All Members and associated parties shall abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct. Copies shall be available on request, on the Club notice board and published on the Club Website. It is important that all persons associated with the club are aware of the existence of the Code of Conduct and abide by it. Code of Conduct –- 2020.-Discipline-Regulations-Guidelines.pdf (

36. The Clubhouse Manager shall be responsible for the internal fabric and furnishings of the Club extending to all areas of the Clubhouse and Score Box save that of the Bar and Cellar areas. The Clubhouse manager will report any actions to the Management Committee.

37. Use of Clubhouse by members The Clubhouse will be open for use by all members at times determined by the Management Committee during the summer Cricket Season and winter months and at other times for other social functions with the following provisos: Members of ALCC and AYFC may use the facilities of the Club for special functions. Bookings must be made through the Bar Secretary who will advise the Management Committee of such bookings and ensure that members are aware of the rules and regulations regarding such use as determined by the Management Committee. At such times, only the invited guests of the member may attend.

38. Dissolution of the Club i) If at any General Meeting of the club, a resolution be passed calling for the dissolution of the club, the Secretary shall immediately convene a Special General Meeting of the club to be held not less than one month thereafter to discuss and vote on the resolution. ii) If at that Special Meeting, the resolution is carried by at least two-thirds of the Full Voting Membership present at the meeting, the Committee shall thereupon, or at such date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of the club and discharge all debts and liabilities of the club. Iii) The Committee will then be responsible for the orderly winding up of the club’s affairs. iv) After settling all liabilities of the club, the Committee shall dispose of the net assets remaining to one or more of the following: - to another club with similar sports purposes which is a registered charity and/or - to another club with similar sports purposes which is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club and/or - to the club’s governing body for use by them for related community sports.

39. The Communications Officer shall be responsible for publicising the club’s achievements and it’s events through local media and the club website.

40. The Fundraising Officer shall be responsible co-ordinating all fundraising activities and sponsorship for the Club. This will involve identifying potential sources of sponsorship, and reporting to the committee on the progress of funding applications from bodies such as ALPC, TRDC, the ECB and any others that the committee sees fit.